Andy Murray Beats Novak Djokovic to Win Rogers Cup Final 2015!

You just can’t predict the tennis game when you have so many players in the top form. Andy Murray after the Wimbledon Open stated that he is in the form of his life and he is going to hit hard everything that comes his way. And he did the same in the Rogers Cup Finals. Andy Murray who is known for his class performance beats the Wimbledon Champion Novak Djokovic to win Rogers Cup. For the upcoming tournaments, you can see US open live streaming sources to watch all the matches of the tournament live on your mobiles, tablets or PCs.


A Huge Turnover for Murray:

Right before the start of the US Open tennis 2015, this is a huge turnover for Andy Murray. He was sliced out of the Wimbledon Open by Roger Federer in the Semi-Final but this time he beats the Wimbledon Champion of 2015, Djokovic, to win the Rogers Cup. Is this going to make any difference before the start of the US Open this year? Well, predictions are always just a prediction. There is no prediction machine discovered till date that gives the perfect results.

It is the players form and this was his day that proved to win him the title. Well, when it comes to football there are many predictions that came true. If you want to predict and think that your favorite football team would win, you can visit Bundesliga live stream sources to catch the live action at any point of time.


Can Rogers Cup Final Make a Difference in US Open?

Well, there is no perfect answer for the question. As said earlier that, the game is all about the form the players are in and if it’s Andy Murray’s or Djokovic’s day any one can win the tournament. In this case, we are missing out one player who is Roger Federer. He is too in good form, but not at his best as he was few years before. But he is a legend and you can’t take him lightly. He can be back to form at any point of time.

So if you want to make the most out of the tournament, stay tuned for the US Open final live streaming, it’s going to be a real blast for all the tennis lovers who are eager to watch Djokovic, Federer, Murray or any other player to face each other in the US open mens final. It doesn’t matter who makes the road to the final, you are sure to enjoy by watching the best tennis game on the final day of US Open.

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