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Hand scan recognition time clocks have been in existence for nearly 19 years. To use a hand scan wall timepiece or access control terminal an individual enters their ID and places their right hand within the platen (a toned reflective surface with guide posts which lie between the users fingers) plus the hand scan unit has decided to perform a match against a registered template and invite access or log attendance.

Hand scan technology works on the camera as well as a series of mirrors to make a three dimensional picture of you hand. Using this image the processor in the time measures certain hand geometry including the length and proportion of every finger who’s converts into an algorithm. This mathematical representation UID Status with the hand is held in a template which is used when matching the person during subsequent logging events.


The algorithm is adjusted periodically websites as bad this feature it compensates for changes within the size of a persons hand over some time so, if anyone gains or loses weight the product compensates. Interestingly the device does depend on anyone having a right hand without having fingers missing. Having said that, testing from my associates has demonstrated that a left hand turned ugly will work correctly.

Hand scan terminals are a proven technology however they are not trusted in either some time and attendance or access control applications.Hand Scan technology isn’t impacted by scratches or cuts or scars within the users hands nor will it be effected by dirty hands although dirt accumulating around the mirrors or platen may ultimately cause misreads. This makes the hand scan an effective biometric device.

Given actually actually more reliable than most from the other alternatives it really is surprising that they’ve not been more widely accepted. One possible explanation is they are more expensive than most fingerprint readers with no embedded software in order that they cannot be used to be a stand alone timepiece. Additionally, the makers have not assigned exclusivity to a some time go here to attendance solution provider nor dermatologist developed award interpretation software themselves.

Hand scan time clocks are usually used in harsh environments when fingerprint units simply can’t recognise users who frequently damage their fingers. Typical applications are manufacturing, mining and construction. In those environments they are typically installed in a dust proof enclosure to avoid the mirrors and camera becoming relying on dirt. Unfortunately those environments are prone to accidental or deliberate mechanical shock and that is likely to misalign your camera and cause difficulties with template recognition.


Because hand scan terminals don’t have any useful embedded software for some time to attendance it’s important to look for a supplier with award interpretation or attendance software that may be integrated together with the hand punch terminals. When selected many provider you ought to ensure that this link they are a recognised hand scan solution provider as integration has never been as straightforward perhaps you might think and even though it may may actually work from the short time there can be some hidden integration issues around the track.

In summary, hand scan technology when in addition to some decent 3rd party software is a fantastic alternative for harsh environments because it can be quite faultless to use recognition capabilities. You will however , almost definitely need a good third party a serious amounts of attendance provider and turn into aware that the hand scan terminals aren’t as robust as some in the alternative and won’t take kindly to hard knocks in the occasional accidental or wilful work for balance damage.



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