Hydrofluoric Acid Uses and Forms

Hydrofluoric Acid is also known as calcium fluoride and concentrated sulfuric acid. The mixing of these two substances at 250 C, it forms hydrogen fl. HF is comprised of hydrogen atom and fluoride atom and this dissolved colorless fuming liquid is called hydrofluoric acid.

Mostly this Hydrochloric acid uses in large scale industries for glass etching, metal cleaning, electrical manufacturing and many other industrial uses. It is a corrosive solution which can cause skin burning.


Hydrofluoric Acid Forms

Anhydrous HF

Anhydrous HF is a pure water free hydrogen fluoride. It is used conjunction with vapor or water or alcoholic solvents. It is most probably used in the manufacturing of refrigerants, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, high-octane gasoline, plastics, electrical components and fluorescent light bulbs.

Aqueous HF

It is a water solution of HF. It is mainly used in metal industries to remove the prints from stainless steel or metal. It is used for metal coating, exotic metal extraction and aluminum purification.

Hydrofluoric Acid Uses

Industrial Usages

  • Used best in oil refinery industries
  • Used in producing organoflourine compounds
  • Used in production of fluorides
  • Best pickling and cleaning agent
  • Niche Applications

Home Usages

  • Used as a best air-conditioning unit coil cleaners
  • Masonry Cleaners
  • Rust stain removers
  • Truck and car washing compounds
  • Water spot remover
  • Brass and crystal cleaners
  • Mirror and Window glass cleaners

Safety Tips for Uses of Hydrofluoric Acid

It can burn the skin and can cause irritation or corneal burns when victim come in contact with HF. It may not show you the scar or damage on the skin, but it penetrates into the underlying tissues and can lead to hypocalemia or other eye infections.

For the household cleaning it is our best advice to put a mask on mouth and wear hand gloves when you use this compound. In large scales industries high concentration of Hydrofluoric acid formula is used. In house cleaning Lower concentration is enough. Lower concentration of HF will be less toxic and it will not infect the skin as well. It reacts to metal; store it in a plastic container.

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