Importance of Ramadan

Do you know the actual importance of Ramadan? Alternatively, are you one of those individuals that follow the celebration, just because it is a part of the religion, or just because your friends and family are doing it? Just following the holy month of the Quran, will not help you obtain blessings from the Almighty. You will need to comprehend the Ramadan France 2017, if you want to tell others that you know your religion well.

Ramadan is a month in which all our brothers and sisters in the religion of Islam come together with a common purpose. We fast for this entire period of 30 days. Fasting means not only abstaining from your favorite food or other sources of entertainment. Fasting means abstaining from all the worldly desires and repenting for all the wrongdoings, and other sins. Is this the only importance of celebrating Ramadan? No, there are many more aspects, which we need to focus on while we celebrate the holy month of Islam.


You will need to shun all bad and abusive language, and try to be as good as possible to everyone. You will need to help the poor and needy, by providing them food and clothes. Though it is not mandatory to donate your clothes, you can offer them your clothes, which you do not use. Now, that does not mean that you provide them leftover food. Food has to be provided fresh, in order to receive Allah’s blessings. Show him that you care for the others. Love one another. Forgive all those who have hurt you by their deeds or words. All this together, consists of the importance of Ramadan.


Be as generous, kind, patient, and most of all, you will have to speak politely to everyone. How would you feel if everyone that you come across, spoke rudely to you? In the same way, treat others, as you would like them to treat you. Be good and patient as this is a testing time for you. Allah is testing your endurance level. And why not mubarak messages and best hindi status   for ramadan, he is giving you another chance to repent for your sins? So, do follow the principles of the holy Quran. This is the real importance of Ramadan.

Just by wearing good clothes, or offering prayers, will not help. Do not be a hypocrite. Instill the values of the religion in your hearts, thoughts and deeds. Only then, you will receive the blessings from the Almighty. Wish you a blessed Ramadan. Keep visiting our page for more updates.


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