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tata kite

Mumbai is always popular as the city of dreamers. It is the habitat of starlets to gangsters, stray dogs to exotic birds, hardworking laborers to business giants of the nation. It is also a hotspot to launch new technological invention and automobiles. Here the best idea and tips for buy certified used cars in Mumbai .Some of the cars that Mumbaikars can look forward to be listed below:

tata kite

  • Tata Kite: Tata motors are definitely on a high note after the success of its latest launch Tata Tiago. Now it is looking forward to the launch of Hexa SUV, Nexon compact SUV and Kite 5 Sedan. Most buyers are expected to like Kite because it is an affordable subcompact sedan worth every penny. The price is ranged between 4 to 5.5 lakhs.
  • Nissan X-trail: This car has wonderful features to look for. It provides a power runway as well as an electric generator to make the motor system work more efficiently. The 2.0L hybrid engine technology ensures a smooth acceleration and an incredible driving performance. It is priced around 22 lakhs. The mileage is rated as 14.42 kmpl for the diesel version.
  • Hyundai Ioniq: Hyundai’s market has always been upbeat in India. The stylish looks of Ioniq is sure to impress its customers. Hyundai Ioniq is the first car in the world to come up with three electric power train options. The expected price range is 9.15 lakhs to 14 lakhs INR.
  • Ford Mondeo 2017: Ford Mondeo is built to define perfection in its build and measurement. It comes with a cruise control feature that elevates comfort and tightens control at the same time. It is priced between 14 lakh to 20 lakhs INR.
  • New Honda Civic: The tenth generation of Civic is expected to release in 2017. Civic is expected to get comprehensive exterior changes owing to the new design technology. The cabin is expected to be spacious like the eighth generation model and covers new interiors design features. The price ranges between 14 lakhs to 17 lakhs INR depending on the version you choose.
  • Mercedes Benz E Class 2017: This is one car whose mention cannot be skipped when it comes to the luxury cars. E class is undoubtedly the darling series of Mercedes. This is one of the best looking midsize luxury sedan in the world. It has a starting price of 48.6 lakhs INR. The mileage is rated as 12 kmpl.

These are just a few among the lot of cars expected to be launched in Mumbai. Use this bit of information to choose your dream car.

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