Rules of Best Card Games for Kids

Card games are being played by kids, teenagers, and adults since ages. We have sorted out here the best card games for your kids. These are simple yet brain-teasing interesting card games. The rules of these games will help you to let your kids play them in their fun time. Games played with cards, board and dices are very popular indoor games among kids of all ages. Check out how to play crazy eights, spades, and cribbage games rules.


Top 5 Card Games for Children

Make your leisure hours at home a great fun time with these interesting card games:

1. Crazy Eights – The game is played by two or more layers with a standard pack of 52 cards. Player who gets off all the cards first wins the game. Each card of 8 holds 20 points and face cards carry 10 points. Other cards carry points equal to their value. Ace carries only 1 point.

2. Spades Rules – the game is played by four with a team of two players. Each player announces number of tricks he will play. This is known as bidding in spades rules. The team who scores highest wins the game. Penalty scores are counted for tricking less than the proposed bids.

3. Cribbage Rules – cribbage is played by two in two phases. The recording of points is to be done to check how many scores the players has in hand. The scores are counted as per the value of the card. Thus, the cribbage rules involves a lot of calculation and gives children a chance to polish their skills with the numbers.


4. Phase 10 – the Phase ten card game is played with a combination of cards as per their colours and numbers. One player acts as a dealer. Players can hold ten cards and should keep remaining in the center. All the ten phases are played one by one. The target remains completing all the 10 phases first. The one who completes all the ten phases first wins the game.

Card games, board games and dice games are popular in the social circles too. We will be bringing more card game rules to enable children and teenagers to enjoy them in their fun-time.


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